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‘Brunch’ by Hugo Woolley – the book of more sophisticated breakfasts.

Due to the enormous success of Hugo Woolley’s first book, ‘Breakfast’, he was stirred to publish again and this
time, The Book of Brunches will inspire you and surprise you!

Hugo’s friend Rick Stein has written a ‘message’ in the new book and he says “it’s great reading these
books – ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Brunch’ – they are amusing as well as having some lovely recipes. 
Hugo has a strange sense of humour and some of these dishes are rather bizarre …Fried Worms is typical
of him and the Spicy Beef Burritos must be famous for their lingering afterburn, right up my street as it happens.  Indeed I'm going to make Hugo's fruit salad dressing with a dash of red chilli powder like they do in Vera Cruz”.

Brunch, we think, originated in America and as the name implies, should be eaten in-between or instead
of breakfast and lunch. This usually informal feast can be eaten any day of the week but particularly on Sundays
so it can be a leisurely experience. Eaten in your pyjamas surrounded by the Sunday papers.

Hugo, as always writes in a very humorous and personal style. The recipes are from here and abroad, are interesting, delicious and sometimes quite surprising. Hugo has always been a huge supporter of Brunch
and in this book, he shares his endless repertoire of recipes and suggestions for this wonderful meal..


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